Gerês-Xurês Tour 1 Day

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One day tour to visit the Reserva Transfronteiriça Gerês-Xurês.

The cross-border Biosphere Reserve of Gerês-Xurés was declared by UNESCO in 2009 and it encompasses two protected areas (Portugal and Spain) - apart by a borderline, but united by its natural morphology and culture.

This park’s marriage forms a natural unity with a very high biodiversity level.

More than a classification, this reserve is recognised by the value of its fauna, flora and landscape, which lives in a balanced relationship between humans and nature.

Our local guides will add a special insight to your tour, telling you stories about this unique place.

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From EUR 60

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Transboundary Park Gerês-Xurés



Waterfalls, viewpoints and lagoons

Wild horses (Garrano)

Mountain villages

Local gastronomy

Lindoso Castel

Wolf pitfall

Roman road


  1. Campo do Gerês (PT)